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Learning from Action, Acting from Learning:
Cultivating values-based leadership

Drawing from Jewish sources and the culture of the beit midrash [house of study]

The Task

Creating a shared infrastructure of values that advances sustainable social change in Israel by investing in key stakeholders. Kolot invites leaders into its beit midrash (house of study) to learn from Jewish sources; to engage in constructive disagreement; and to share with one other responsibility for Israeli society. Learning at Kolot fosters a deep and pragmatic commitment to values-inspired social change, heeding the Torah’s call to move from study to action.

Our Axioms

Israeli society needs a diverse space with shared core values to meet its challenges and fulfill its mission.

Throughout history, beit midrash learning, rooted in the tradition of constructive disagreement, has allowed Jewish civilization to flourish.

The Jewish textual canon, broadly conceived, contains seeds for creating a compelling shared public space.

Diverse change agents who work from within a well-grounded values framework create a thriving Israel.

What do we do at Kolot?

Selection and

Selecting and recruiting candidates who hold key positions in Israeli society and who strive to promote social change based on shared values.

Training and Development

Group learning in our beit midrash: Using text study and peer learning to train and develop individuals in positions of influence.

Building a Network of Graduates

Cultivating synergies and cooperative ventures between graduates in an effort to amplify change and maximize impact.